Over the course of making this comic I’ve hired an assortment of wonderful, talented artists to

help make my vision a reality. Those artists are listed below, along with links to respective 

sites that they run. Additional artist bios will be added as the comic goes on.

Miriam Prisas- Miriam drew the marvelous piece of full color “cover art” for chapter one. You

can purchase her prints here, or donate to support her work here.

Danielle Conti- Danielle drew the first page of the comic, and many, many more to come.

She’s the most consistent person I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and TLKOA owes a lot

to her. Her art blog is here and you can donate to support her here.

Lewis Matheson- Lewis was the first artist to draw the mighty knight suit Galahad from my

rough sketches, along with an action scene depicting the giant robot’s rampage. He has his

own alt-history WW2 comic called Von Zehn that you can read here. You can donate to support

it on his patreon here, and his personal blog is here.

Ed Davenport – A personal friend and hobby store associate of mine, Ed studied art in college

in California and worked as a professional commercial artists for a time, but now he mostly

draws as a hobby. You can check out his Deviantart page here. You’ll find a lot of great

Warhammer 40K fan art, and plenty of other great pieces as well.

J. Chigo – An internet buddy, J. Chigo, helped fill in as an artist while one of my

regulars was sick. She has a distinct anime-meets-classic-Disney style that’s very charming. You can find her other comic project here.